Commercial Services

Whether your business has 1,000 square feet of tile or natural stone or 100,000 square feet of carpet, you have an enormous investment in your space. The need to take care of this investment becomes clear as you start to witness premature wear and aging. At Daniels Floor Care, we are the authority in restoring and maintaining your business’ flooring.

Recognized as the expert in restoration procedures, Daniels Floor Care will consult with you to select the best fit for your business, explain the benefits and tailor a program that maximizes your flooring maintenance budget.

Restoration Procedures:

1) Truck mounted Hot Water Extraction system. We can deep clean problems that other companies would consider impossible.

2) High Performance Portable Extraction systems ensure professional cleaning regardless of cleaning project location.

3) Encapsulation Technology (ET) is the perfect option for a business with a high traffic area or large commercial setting. This procedure returns your carpet to its original state so it looks its best.

We will work together to find the right solution for your business. Plus, we are flexible and will work around your business schedule. Call today to learn more about Daniels Floor Care – (717) 304-2234.