You Need Your Carpets Cleaned…

You Need Your Carpets Cleaned…Rent + DIY or Hire a Pro?
As you’re spending more time indoors during this brisk winter, you might notice your carpets are not looking their best.  From the kids “bringing the outdoors in” to Aunt Sue’s wine spill, they may even look downright yuck.  With the abundance of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machines available for rent out there, we’ll help you decide when to rent + DIY or when to hire a professional carpet cleaner.  And surprise….we don’t recommend hiring a pro (like trusty Daniels Floor Care) for every situation!

When to Rent the Machine
· Your budget is under $50 and cost is a primary concern.
·  You have time to set aside – possibly a scheduled “spring cleaning” day – to rent equipment, move furniture, clean rugs, move furniture back, return equipment within a 24-hour period.
· You have a light stain, easy to remove dirt, or just want a general surface clean.

When to Hire a Pro
· You don’t have the time to set aside to DIY.
· You don’t have the right sized car to transport rental equipment – or the strength to lug it up steps or through the door.
· Your stains won’t budge with spot cleaning methods or you have a large area to cover.
· You haven’t had your carpets professionally cleaned in a while (before 2018) – or never!

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