Why It is Important to Clean Your Carpets in the Winter

Most consumers and property managers postpone carpet cleaning from about December through March, and even as late as April citing snow and ice as the reason. They feel it is best to hold off until spring. 

However, winter is the PERFECT time to have your carpets cleaned for many reasons. 

  1. Health: We are indoors much more during the winter months with less fresh air in facilities. Soiled carpets can have allergens and pollutants that negatively impact indoor air quality.
  2. Harder to clean: The more soil buildup in carpet, the harder it is to remove, and some spots may become stains, making them very difficult-if not impossible-to remove. 
  3. Faster drying: The winter months are often the driest time of the year; because of this, carpets often dry faster, opening areas to foot traffic sooner and there is less chance that mold or mildew will develop.
  4. Damage to the carpet. The longer the soiling remains in the carpet, the more damage it can do to the carpet fibers. The soil can act like tiny knives and cut away at the fibers with foot traffic. 

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